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Northern Tel Aviv

The north end of Tel Aviv has a slightly more subdued vibe than other parts
of the city: Many of its quiet, tree-lined streets feel almost suburban,
especially around Hayarkon Park and further north near Tel Aviv University and
in the various neighborhoods that make up Ramat Aviv.

This area has traditionally been considered the city’s more European-influenced
part. It is where some icons of upper-middle class Tel Aviv are located,
including the upscale Kikar Hamedina and the Herzliya Gymnasium, one of the
country’s most elite high schools.

The north contains a number of Israel’s largest museums, including the
Eretz Israel Museum and the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. The area also boasts
a high concentration of small parks and gardens scattered throughout, which
lend the north a greener feel than some other sections of town. Its crowning
jewel, though, is surely Hayarkon Park. The 1,000-acre haven contains unique
gardens, extensive lawns, an aviary, multiple sports facilities, concert
venues, amusement parks and more. The park is one of the preferred places for
family outings, especially on Saturdays, when crowds gather there for picnics,
birthday parties and barbecues.

Another equally popular location is Tel Aviv’s restored port, which is
undoubtedly one of the city’s most successful examples of urban renewal. The
site underwent a facelift several years ago that left some of the original
apparatus for unloading ships’ cargo intact (although it is no longer used) and
built entertainment and leisure areas around it. The port is home to some of
the city’s finest cafes and restaurant—many of which overlook the
Mediterranean—and there are also several trendy dance bars and clubs for night
owls to patronize.

Not far from the port are several of the city’s most frequented beaches:
Hilton Beach is popular among Tel Aviv’s gay community, while Hof Metzizim
(Hebrew for “Peeping Toms’ Beach”) became famous after it appeared in a 1970s
Israeli cult film. There is even a small beach for dog owners who want their
pets to roam and swim.

For those who prefer shopping to beach-going, the north end has plenty of
ritzy boutiques, selling both local and imported fashions. The northern stretch
of Dizengoff Street is sometimes referred to as fashion row, as its stores sell
everything from elegant wedding gowns to trendy club gear to well-tailored
business suits. Nearby Basel Square also offers some quaint shops and pleasant

But don’t be fooled by the north end’s relaxed atmosphere: It has something
to offer everyone, from nature lovers and sports enthusiasts to shopping
addicts and curious kids.