Jaffa Attractions

Mahmoudia Mosque

Built in 1812 by Abu Nabbut, Yafo’s governor from 1810 to 1820, Mahmoudia is the city’s largest mosque, featuring an outdoor water fountain for pilgrims.

St. Peter’s Church

Consecrated in 1654, this Franciscan church built on the remains of a medieval fortress has a unique brick façade and towering belfry that overlooks the sea.

Libyan Synagogue (Beit Zunana)

Erected in 1740, this building was the first Jewish hostel in Yafo. In 1948, it reopened as a synagogue for Libyan Jews that is still in use.

House of Simon the Tanner

The rooftop of this house is where, according to the New Testament, St. Peter had his famous vision that led him to preach the Gospel to gentiles.

Ajami Neighborhood

South of the port area is Ajami (Arabic for “strangers”), one of Yafo’s most beautiful residential sections boasting stunning old homes, a refurbished park, lovely views and good local restaurants. Ajami is also home to the new Peres Peace House, a center for Arab-Israeli cooperation named after President Shimon Peres. Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas designed …

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American Colony / Immanuel Church

Just east of the Noga Quarter lies the American Colony. Evangelical Christians from Jonesport, Maine, established this picturesque neighborhood of wooden homes in 1866. They later sold the tiny colony to German Templers, who constructed the lovely Immanuel Church in 1904. The story of the American Colony is told at the Maine Friendship House, which …

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Andromeda Rock

Just off Yafo’s port is the rock to which Greek mythology says the virgin Andromeda was chained before Perseus and his winged horse, Pegasus, rescued her.

Scottish House

Dating back to 1897, this impressive building was originally a hospital that two Scotsmen transformed into a popular hotel. Today it is used mainly for special events.

Jerusalem Boulevard

One of Yafo’s main thoroughfares, Jerusalem Boulevard is lined with bakeries and fruit markets, hookah bars and fashionable shops.

Noga Quarter / Gesher Theater

Home to the acclaimed Gesher Theater, design studios, trendy shops and cafes—many of which are tucked among beautifully restored Ottoman-era buildings—Noga Quarter is one of the city’s most alluring little neighborhoods.