Tel Aviv Marina and Beaches

Alma Beach

This is most southern part of the Tel-Aviv beach strip. Because of the proximity to Jaffa a lot of times there is a fusion Of Israelis and Arabs that share the same beach. Alma beach is known to attract a lot of the Tel-Aviv crows that got fed up of the other beaches Tel-Aviv has …

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Aviv Beach

This beach has been given a lot different names over the years, amongst them was Dolphinarium beach, Drummer’s beach and a couple more. The two names mentioned other than Aviv beach are thosed most used when referring to this beach . A lot of the travelers returning from the east found this beach to be …

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Jerusalem Beach

The name was given by Shlomo Lahat, the former mayor of Tel-Aviv. This was to symbolize 20 years of unity for Tel-Aviv city. Although this part of the beach strip is wide and comfortable it’s usually populated by any Israeli who has ever played beach paddles(“matkot”). Be aware, very aware as you are likely to …

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Burgashov Beach

Bugrashov beach in most ways is the same as Frishman beach, the only difference is that it’s located right infront of Bugrashov st. It is narrow and crowded yet still popular.

Frishman Beach

This part of the beach strip is very narrow making the tanning experience to be almost as if you were tanning in the middle of the city. Due to its proximity to the street you are battered with noise of vehicles and anything else that happens to cross the street. Despite this and due to …

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Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach is located right in the middle of the Tel-Aviv beach strip. Gordon beach is the centre of all of the beach attraction. Here is where all the Israelis come to play beach paddles(“matkot”), also you have volleyball nets attracting young inexperienced Tel-Avivis that come to show their skills. Because of the location especially …

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Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach is named after the Hilton Hotel that’s located right next to it. Although it’s called the Hilton beach in reality it’s divided into three separate beaches inside it. The most northern part is called the dog beach, this is because the municipality allows four legged creatures to run about all over the place. …

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Nordau Beach

Nordau Beach is mainly a beach for those who are religious. on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays it’s open only for women’s use only and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it’s a man only beach. On Fridays an hour before the Shabbat everyone runs home to get prepared. On weekends there usually youngsters who sneak into …

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Mezizim Beach

It was called after the famous movie with Arik Einstein that was called Mezizim. It is the most northern beach in the Tel-Aviv strip that can be accessed by foot. Over the years it has become more and more famous making it a bit difficult to find a slot to fit. For a very long …

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Jaffa Port

One of the most ancient ports in the world, Yafo’s port was mentioned in the Book of Jonah, was destroyed by Napoleon’s army in 1799 and later rebuilt by the Ottomans. It served as the main point of entry during the British Mandate and welcomed waves of Jewish immigrants. Today, fisherman still catch fresh fish …

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