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Shopping in Tel Aviv

Shopping A to Z – Leading Shopping Districts

We begin with the northernmost shopping center – stylish Ramat Aviv Mall, offering prestigious and luxury brand stores alongside more familiar retail chains. From there, we continue on to the Tel Aviv Port area, where alongside restaurants and cafés, you’ll find shops and boutiques offering fashionable brands. There, after you finish your shopping, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery and the sea air, walk along the impressive promenade deck and enjoy a cappuccino right by the sea.

Another area favored by northern shopping buffs and people seeking luxurious fashion in Kikar HaMedina. This is the place to see international brands at exorbitant prices!

The Basel area has in recent years become one of the favorites of shopping fans, because alongside stylish shops with lots of chic, it offers an inviting and neighborly atmosphere.

The most famous shopping district – that even has a verb named after it – is of course Dizengoff. On Dizengoff street, you’ll find a variety of shops suitable for everyone – in a variety of price ranges, styles and quality levels. On the northern part of the street are shops of Israeli designers, and of course bridal salons. In the center, you’ll find Israel’s very first shopping mall – Dizengoff Center.

The city center offers a variety of enchanting options – the Kikar Masarik area is slowly developing into an area of young fashion designers, and renovated Ibn Gabirol street offers a variety of shops and boutiques alongside numerous restaurants and cafés.

The Gan Ha’ir mall, also on Ibn Gabirol street, is a roofed shopping center located in the middle of this lively and dynamic street.

Another shopping center with a huge variety of leading fashion brands is the famous Azrieli mall.

After shopping, you can ride up to the 49th floor and enjoy a breathtaking view of the urban scenery.

Sheinkin street is one of Tel Aviv’s central shopping streets. City residents, locals and many tourists visit this street 24-7. For young and stylish hipsters, fashion lovers.

Fashion in Tel Aviv

The region of Tel Aviv Jaffa has been a fashion center for centuries, rising from the melting pot of world fashioned brought together by travelers from around the world. The region was the landing point for pilgrim seeking their way to Jerusalem and merchants entering the Jaffa port on their way to surrounding landlocked nations.

As the decades went by, said visitors introduced fashions from across the globe, creating a unique look that combined elements from their origin with the requirements of the local climate.

Since the establishment of the Jewish state, Tel Aviv has taken on the role as the beating hart of Israeli fashion, setting the norm and constantly housing the young and rising future designers. Till this day, the city offers the largest selection of designers, both well known and rising starts, separated by the different neighborhoods they are located in.

Tel Aviv truly offers something for everyone in both taste and budget… take time to experience a true fashion extravaganza that will have your existing wardrobe green with envy. Make time, experience, shop!