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Tel Aviv Nightlife

An incredibly vibrant nightlife scene has a lot to do with Tel Aviv’s reputation as the city that never sleeps. Forget everything you’ve heard – the legend of Tel Aviv’s nightlife is only a sneak preview of the real thing. An entertainment superpower with dozens of pubs, bars, music and dance clubs that roar on until sunrise.Tel Aviv is a magnet for clubbers and merrymakers from all over the country. The city’s nightlife scene provides a dazzling array of choices to suit almost any taste or desire.

Tel Aviv is all about clubs. You can choose between some of the best world’s DJ’s and of course toss off the names of some local deejays that have made it big internationally. They spin old school house, chill-out, deep house, funky house, and rip trance.

This wide range has no real unifying line – on the contrary, anything goes. You can find in Tel Aviv crowded lines of entry-seekers sporting minis, tattoos and lots of muscles mainly on the weekends (which, by the way, start on Thursday night in a big way) in all the big clubs, all of which are noted for their state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems, chill-out rooms with comfy sofas and excellent kitchens.

Musical diversity and the desire to improve service have given rise to a new phenomenon – bars with live DJs.True, these are small places, but they are competing to offer something extra, not just another DVD. If you don’t invest in your place, you don’t exist – a Tel Aviv law of survival that proves itself night after night.Thus, bars become architectural creations worth taking a look at over the rim of your glass.

There are pick-up bars for the yuppie set, and murkier venues for those who think they’re in the know, it doesn’t matter about what. Dance-bars, with superb sound systems and dance floors, are great for groups of friends.

Jazz rhythms dominate some pubs along the promenade, offering sea breezes along with nightly jam sessions. And then there’s the bar-restaurant scene, mostly centered in the Rothschild Boulevard area.Pubs, many of which are Irish-themed, will remind you of faraway places, and many others have a decidedly European flavor.

Some cafes keep the decibel-level and the lights low, to become etched forever in your romantic memory. Among them are those on the fringes of Neve Tzedek, with a charming European atmosphere, and other overlooks Rothschild Boulevard from the terrace of a gorgeous Eclectic-style building.

You can find a sea view in the Tel Aviv Port or a romantic corner in beautifully candlelit in Basel area. We’ll take a double espresso with hot milk, please.