Visit Tel Aviv and fall in love with it​


Tel Aviv Markets

Carmel Market

One of the most famous markets in Israel, if not the most famous one, that offers, in addition to its amazing human mosaic, an almost endless variety of products, dishes, spices, food and attractive and enchanting offers. Every day, fruitful commerce is conducted in the market, and the market attracts not only local visitors and customers, but also foreign tourists who enjoy its unique shopping experience.

Address: 35 Hacarmel street, corner of Allenby street

Flea Market​

Located in Jaffa, the Flea market offers second hand household products, clothes and shoes, as well as antiques, household accessories and vintage furniture. Inside the market, you’ll find fashionable cafés, humus restaurants and plentiful items from way back when. Located at the center of the market is the Amiad Center, used for exhibitions, fairs and performances. Address: Olei Zion street​

Antiques and Second Hand Market – Dizengoff​​

Held in Dizengoff square, every Tuesday (from 12:00 to 22:00) and Friday (from 7:00 to 16:00) is a market with second hand accessories, objects of art, coins, old fashioned toys, posters and postcards, cameras and old jewelry, rare books and other attractions.

Arts and Crafts Fair in Nachlat Binyamin

The fair offers, under one umbrella, original works of art that are not mass produced: souvenirs, gifts, toys, paintings and unique jewelry by young and talented artists, as well as street theatre performances, musicians, jugglers, tea leaves reading and palmistry. Here you’ll find all those “unimportant” things that make life interesting, in the most picturesque and beautiful pedestrian mall in Israel.

Hatikva Market

The market is located in the Hatikva neighborhood, and offers a variety of fresh foods, spices, household products and popular, folksy restaurants that have become part of the market’s authentic landscape. Many people prefer to do their market shopping here because it feels homey, intimate and even pastoral.

Bezalel Market

Right under the nose of Carmel market is Bezalel market, offering textile products at the lowest possible prices. You can stroll around the stands, dig into the jumbled piles of clothes and enjoy the authentic market atmosphere, with unprecedented prices and mainly – lots of bargains.

Address: 1 Beit Halechem street

The Station Compound (Hatahana)

Unique – a night fair of product design, art and concept Every Thursday from 19:00 till midnight​


An organic ecological market next to the railway tracks, every Friday at the HaTachana complex. Fridays 8:00 – 15:00 

Address: HaTachana complex, 1 Kaufman street

Levinsky market

At Levinsky market you’ll find special and unique surprises that you won’t find anywhere else! Sweet pastries, oriental pastries and an abundance of fine herbs and spices.