Visit Tel Aviv and fall in love with it


Tel Aviv Restaurants

Among falafel stands and exclusive gourmet restaurants specializing in seafood, meat, international cuisines and more, Tel Aviv-Jaffa has developed into no less than a gourmet powerhouse. The variety of cuisines offered is comparable to the hottest restaurants in New York and San Francisco.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa offers restaurants specializing in almost all types and kinds of food. Without a doubt, a literal melting pot takes place here, day by day, hour by hour. The restaurants in the city offer international style, sophistication and innovation to Israeli connoisseurs.

Along with a contemporary international atmosphere, Tel Aviv boasts a variety of cuisines combined with the traditional, national cuisine: you can eat kugel, tcholent or gefilte fish at a Jewish restaurant and enjoy an eastern European aroma, or opt for a Yemenite meal of chicken leg soup, roasted lungs, hawayej, jachnun or machshosh.

If you prefer ethnic food – Japanese, Indonesian or Thai food are only a few of the ethnic cuisines available. Alongside these, which are found in abundance, you can find Georgian, Turkish, Moroccan, Iraqi and Persian restaurants.  You can find kube hamusta, spicy kebab, stuffed sambusak, aromatic couscous, and green rice all lined up next to each other.

People who love stuffed vegetables and Balkan cuisine can also find these delicacies in the Bulgarian kitchen, typically found in Jaffa. Jaffa is, of course, characterized by its multitude of Arab restaurants.

What is the difference between Oriental food and Arabic food? That’s a good question! Our conclusion, however, is that they are more or less the same. The important part is that both share wonderful, justified reputations.

Every corner of the city offers an array of culinary options right next to one another. Some of the best areas to dine in Tel Aviv are: the Tel Aviv Port, hummus restaurants on Yermiyahu street, bustling Ibn Gvirol street for a quick shwarma fix, coquettish bistros in Neve Tzedek, trendy eateries at Ha’Tachana Complex, unique concept restaurants in southern Tel Aviv and authentic foods found in historic Jaffa.

The large variety can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’re just genuinly hungry and innocently looking for a bite… Bear in mind that after you make a decision about where to eat, you’re surely in for a treat.