City Center Attractions

Memorial to the “Ma’apilim”

This outdoor monument is a tribute to the ‘Ma’apilim,” or the Jewish blockade runners who bypassed the British during Mandate times to immigrate to pre-state Israel. Address: Tel Aviv boardwalk near Bograshov St.

Z.O.A. House

Founded by the Zionist Organization of America in the early 1950s, the veteran cultural institution offers a diverse selection of arts, entertainment and nightlife options.

Ben Gurion Boulevard / Ben Gurion House

Named for Israel’s first prime minister, Ben-Gurion Boulevard is a sleepy strip lined with leafy trees and dotted with cafes. The mostly residential street is a pleasant connecting path between Rabin Square and the beach, especially for bike riders. The Bauhaus building Ben-Gurion called home is now a museum showcasing personal items, including his impressive …

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Shalom Aleichem House

Established in 1966 and named after the famous author, this institution to promote Yiddish culture houses a library and archive, and offers classes and exhibitions. Address: 4 Berkowitz St.

Jabotinksy Institute

Created in 1937, the center devoted to the life of Zionist leader and Irgun resistance group co-founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky houses a museum and historical archives.

Azrieli Center/Azrieli Observatory

Azrieli Center is one of Israel’s most impressive malls, with dozens of stores, restaurants and a multiplex cinema. Among the center’s biggest draws is the Middle East’s highest observation platform (187 meters tall), which offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Address: 132 Menachem Begin Rd. at HaShalom Rd.

Dizengoff Center

The center, built in the 1970s at the busy junction of King George and Dizengoff Streets, is Israel’s first shopping mall. Dizengoff contains a staggering mix of clothing boutiques, housewares stores and bookshops, and it remains a popular destination among young and old locals alike. The mall is also home to two cinemas, and hosts …

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Dizengoff Square

Named after Meir Dizengoff’s wife Tzina, the square has been one of Tel Aviv’s focal points since 1934. In the 1970s, it was reconfigured as a bi-level structure, featuring the pedestrian bridge and multicolored fountain at its center designed by renowned Israeli artist Yaacov Agam. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Dizengoff Square is also home to …

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Sarona – German Templer Colony

Many of Tel Aviv’s historic structures have recently been marked for preservation, including Sarona, a former agricultural colony established by German Templers in 1871. Sarona’s picturesque houses and leafy trees provide an oasis of calm within Tel Aviv’s urban jungle. The site serves as a gateway to the city, as it is centrally located along …

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Gan Ha’ir/Enav Cultural Center

Adjacent to City Hall is Gan Ha’ir (City Garden), an upscale two-storey mall arranged around an open courtyard. The center’s elegant stores draw a sophisticated crowd, many of whom frequent Yehudith’s, the popular Hungarian cafe also housed there. The roof level of the building is home to the Enav Cultural Center, an intimate space offering …

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