Daniel Rowing Centre

This Olympic facility is named after Daniel Amichai Marcus, a talented rower who was killed at age 21 in a car accident. The unique 1,600-square-meter, two-storey building was designed in the shape of an upturned boat, whose mast faces the Yarkon River. The center is home to several boating clubs and offers rowing, windsurfing and …

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Rock Garden (Gan Hasla’im)

This 10-acre rock garden in Hayarkon Park reflects Israel’s geological diversity by featuring stones from Mount Hermon to Eilat, which are surrounded by hundreds of local plant species.

Cactus Garden

Another of Hayarkon Park’s unique gardens, this one contains 55,000 plants and 3,700 species (some extremely rare) and a special section devoted to African flora.

Hayarkon Park

At 1,000 acres, Hayarkon Park is considered Israel’s equivalent to New York’s Central Park, and it offers endless activities for families, sports fans and nature lovers. Also known as Ganei Yehoshua, the park comprises sprawling lawns, playgrounds, jogging and bike paths, gardens, two outdoor concert venues and an artificial lake. Popular children’s attractions include Tzapari, …

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Tropical Garden

Featuring a shaded wooden walkway, this tropical garden in Hayarkon Park is home to one of Israel’s largest orchid hothouses, a small lake and vegetation common to rainforests.