Ajami Neighborhood

South of the port area is Ajami (Arabic for “strangers”), one of Yafo’s most beautiful residential sections boasting stunning old homes, a refurbished park, lovely views and good local restaurants. Ajami is also home to the new Peres Peace House, a center for Arab-Israeli cooperation named after President Shimon Peres. Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas designed …

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American Colony / Immanuel Church

Just east of the Noga Quarter lies the American Colony. Evangelical Christians from Jonesport, Maine, established this picturesque neighborhood of wooden homes in 1866. They later sold the tiny colony to German Templers, who constructed the lovely Immanuel Church in 1904. The story of the American Colony is told at the Maine Friendship House, which …

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Noga Quarter / Gesher Theater

Home to the acclaimed Gesher Theater, design studios, trendy shops and cafes—many of which are tucked among beautifully restored Ottoman-era buildings—Noga Quarter is one of the city’s most alluring little neighborhoods.

Old Jaffa

Old Yafo is one of the city’s most historically and culturally dense areas, with its picturesque ancient port, artists’ quarter, historic landmarks, archaeological artifacts, newly renovated Ottoman-era houses and upscale restaurants and shops. Built on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, the old city juts out from the coastline and looks, from a distance, like a …

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Kerem HaTeimanim

Founded in the early 20th century by immigrants from Yemen, the Kerem is located just beside the Carmel Market and Allenby Street. The area has recently been “discovered” by bohemians and students looking for affordable apartments. However, its winding lanes and low-rise buildings are best known for the tiny restaurants that serve some of the …

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Established in 1927 by Jews who emigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece, the Florentin neighborhood has developed a reputation as a hipster haven. There are plenty of underground bars and clubs here, but the area is also home to numerous high-end design and furniture stores, as well as a lively market on Levinsky Street that specializes in …

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Neve Tzedek

Founded in 1887—22 years before Tel Aviv was established—Neve Tzedek (Oasis of Justice) is the city’s oldest and first Jewish neighborhood. During the early part of the 20th century, Neve Tzedek was home to prominent writers and artists, including S.Y. Agnon and Nachum Gutman. Today the neighborhood, with its picturesque houses and narrow streets, is …

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Gan Hachashmal

Meaning “Electric Garden” in Hebrew, Gan Hachashmal was once a seedy part of town that housed old electrical-appliance shops. Today, the area is abuzz with new energy, and is home to local designers who craft some of the most cutting-edge fashion and accessories in the city. Music buffs can check out Levontin 7, an intimate …

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Sarona – German Templer Colony

Many of Tel Aviv’s historic structures have recently been marked for preservation, including Sarona, a former agricultural colony established by German Templers in 1871. Sarona’s picturesque houses and leafy trees provide an oasis of calm within Tel Aviv’s urban jungle. The site serves as a gateway to the city, as it is centrally located along …

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Ramat Hachayal

Established after the 1948 War of Independence, this once-sleepy neighborhood has developed into a hub for sleek Israeli high-tech offices and fashionable restaurants and bars.