Squares and Streets

Jerusalem Boulevard

One of Yafo’s main thoroughfares, Jerusalem Boulevard is lined with bakeries and fruit markets, hookah bars and fashionable shops.

Clock Square

The traditional starting point for tours of Yafo, this square is home to one of the area’s most visited sites—the Clock Tower built in 1906 by Turkish Sultan Abed-el-Hamid II. The square also houses the former governor’s house (Seraya) and a jailhouse used by the Turks and British (called the Kishle). The legendary Abulafia bakery …

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Kikar Kedumim

This open area containing the underground visitors’ center and St. Peter’s Church is Old Yafo’s central plaza, whose tiny, winding side streets lead down to the port. Part of the square covers archaeological sites excavated during the 1940s and ’50s, and many of its surrounding buildings house galleries, souvenir shops and restaurants. During the summer …

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The Promenade (Hatayelet)

Tel Aviv’s promenade plays a vital role in the city’s thriving beach culture. Even in winter months, people jog or bike ride along the path, which stretches from the green expanses of Hayarkon Park in the north to Old Yafo in the south. The promenade truly comes alive during spring and summer, when it is …

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Kerem HaTeimanim

Founded in the early 20th century by immigrants from Yemen, the Kerem is located just beside the Carmel Market and Allenby Street. The area has recently been “discovered” by bohemians and students looking for affordable apartments. However, its winding lanes and low-rise buildings are best known for the tiny restaurants that serve some of the …

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Established in 1927 by Jews who emigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece, the Florentin neighborhood has developed a reputation as a hipster haven. There are plenty of underground bars and clubs here, but the area is also home to numerous high-end design and furniture stores, as well as a lively market on Levinsky Street that specializes in …

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Nachlat Binyamin

Nachlat Binyamin stretches from Allenby Street into the Florentin neighborhood, and is lined with cafes, bars, fabric stores and various other shops. The section parallel to the Carmel Market is accessible to pedestrians only and, on Tuesdays and Fridays, hosts a popular outdoor craft fair. Local artists there sell everything from Judaica to jewelry, while …

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Ahad Ha’am Street

The street named after Asher Ginsberg, a cultural Zionist whose pen name was Ahad Ha’am (one of the people), is known for its diverse architecture and rich history.

Habima Square (Orchestra Square)

Founded in Moscow in 1917 as one of the first Hebrew-language theaters, Habima (The Stage) moved to Mandate Palestine in 1931 and was designated Israel’s national theater in 1958. Habima Square, also known as Kikar HaTizmoret (Orchestra Square) or The Orchestra Plaza is centrally located at the intersection of of Rothschild Boulevard, Hen Boulevard, Dizengoff …

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Bialik St.

A charming cul-de-sac, Bialik Street has benefited greatly from the Tel Aviv’s preservation efforts. The small strip houses some great examples of Bauhaus design and a small museum dedicated to the architectural movement. Other noteworthy sites located on Bialik Street are the city’s first municipal building and the recently renovated home of the street’s namesake, …

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